Our code for responsible investing underpins our philosophy of creating market leading African companies. This means that 8 Miles will invest in a socially responsible way and also expect similar standards of conduct from portfolio companies. 8 Miles believes it can develop sustainable businesses by applying best practice Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards which can be monitored through our Social & Environmental Management Systems (SEMS).

The SEMS framework we have developed encompasses many aspects of responsible investing: paying attention to the impact on the environment and climate change; subscribing to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business; ensuring skills transfer; and promoting sustainability & development of communities. We will ensure that ESG issues are identified and addressed at all stages of the investment process. We will work together with management teams to identify risks and develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies so that best practice ESG policies are integrated into everyday business processes of our portfolio companies.

We have observed from our experience in Africa that, besides the ethical importance of subscribing to such standards, there is a strong commercial imperative to operate this way. It presents a rare win-win situation; it is good for business and improves performance and productivity.